About Koen

My passion and strength lie in detecting and resolving disruptions in organisations. I draw on my broad experience to guide creative enterprises through crisis situations and change processes.

Fascinated by systems

As a student, I chose a conservatory education. A career in the world of music was a given. However, what was happening behind the scenes fascinated me most at that time. Because of this, I led a number of arts organisations at home and abroad for fifteen years. Along the way, I came to understand that my main motivation lay in detecting and addressing system faults in organisations, including beyond the artistic world.

That is why I expanded my professional field to work as an interim manager and crisis manager to guide dozens of organisations in various sectors. In each of these projects, I started from a generalised vision to put a finger on specific pressure points or challenges and I helped to implement solutions.

Doing this, I became increasingly fascinated by the scope and value of a systems approach. In this vision, everything depends on everything else and organisations are seen as living systems. Now as an external coach, I start from this integrated approach to strengthen organisations in depth and in the long term.

Change inspires

In every phase of my career, many doers and thinkers have supported and inspired me through books and training. I would like to introduce some of them to you.

I particularly admire people and organisations that, often in uncertain or even unfavourable circumstances, blaze new trails, innovate and are enterprising. They give shape to our collective need and hope for a better world. I feel driven by the same passion to develop personally, and, from that, to contribute to a growing consciousness and a changing era.

However, creative enterprise is often disruptive, and not only for the outside world. The entrepreneurs and their immediate surroundings actually experience the unsettling effect of pioneering engagement the strongest. At that point, it comes down to restoring the natural balance and reinforcing the internal strength of the organisation. That is where I feel at my best. I enjoy fine-tuning all the components of the system to make companies healthy and strong.

And in my opinion, what works for organisations also works for the society as a whole. The many challenges we face all over the world force us to make lasting changes, which is why it is so important to join forces and work together where possible.

From this viewpoint I became a senior consultant at shiftN, a network of systems thinkers who combine their skills and insights to reflect on and guide major social issues.

My preconceptions about consultancy were shifted dramatically by working with Koen as an advisor at Extra City. Subtle, sharp, correct, always to the point and remarkably educational!

Pascal Gielen | Professor cultural sociology

I have made use of Koen’s services several times and it was a privilege every time! His outstanding analyses together with his great knowledge and experience make him an ideal sparring partner for directors, managers and supervisors.

Niels Veenhuijzen | Kunstencentrum Amersfoort