Organisational design, merger planning, conflict resolution, questions about vision or leadership… Every organisation that calls in my expertise and assistance has specific expectations for a coaching process. I meet these expectations with custom work in which I integrate four personal cornerstones.


The stated problem is the main thing that is visible at the start of the project. I expand the horizon and detect practical changes that open new perspectives.

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I support individual employees and teams to assess their contribution to a common goal, to open them to change and to encourage them to cooperate with this process.

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Leaders often have to face crucial moments on their own. I am an experienced sounding board for them. I help them take a step back, to reflect and determine a new course.

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I do not coach the organisation to an end point, rather to a new starting point.

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Under your guidance, the communication team got back on track. Increased self-confidence and a renewed group dynamic gave the whole organisation an extra shot of oxygen, with more energy and creativity as a result. Or how one link can strengthen a whole chain!

Frank Geypens | STUK

Koen, thank you very much again for the coaching. It prepared me really well and I see a lot of possibilities again to keep walking the path from here!

Veerle Mans | KAAP - Bruges